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$00pah NiN10Doh!

2009-01-03 13:43:20 by Pikanjo

$00pah NiN10Doh!

Our first deadline when everyone was assigned their parts was the end of August. I finished my piece in the end of October, and the last of us finished at the end of December... After 3 days of unsuccessful compilation of the final individual pieces, Kirbopher sent the files to
JohnnyUtah and just like that, he got it done and Kirb submitted it. (=

I hated the crap we had to go thru compiling the first collab, and after working like a madman to get my piece done, I never wanted to be part of a collab again... But Kirbopher soon had scripts written out for the sequel, and I gained interest when I read my piece 'Pokemon Snap XXX'.

My piece was originally supposed to be about 10 seconds long, and not nearly as explicit... Of course I fattened it up, and blurred it out. I originally had all the pokebabes wearing clothes/swimsuits, but I thought as a 'sequel' to my Ash v Pikachu piece in the first collab, I should add blurrs and make it 'mature quality', SO I DID! When I handed my piece back to Kirb, he said it may be too explicit to put in, but after a check with the other artists, outside opinions, and my nagging, he kept it in. (= It seems I polarized some viewers with my piece, I hope it doesn't take anything away from the other pieces. You wont see anything quite as explicit from me for a while.

I watched the finished piece last night, along with everyone else, and I loved every piece of it, and I thought I could provide my own review for the artists who put so much work into it, even if they brush off my opinion:

Menus - I thought it turned out well.. AND THERE'S A SCENE SELECT THIS TIME!
Mario Party 287 - I liked the fast pace and the smooth-'bubbly' type animation.
Excitebike Wipeout - I've never played it, but it was nice watching him eat shit.
Low Low Low - The emotion switch and animation work great - I love when he pops into Joey's piece.
Olimar Forgot - I did not expect the ending to this piece, found it pretty funny.
Revenge of Metanight - I loved seeing Kirby in my voice. (= This was the first piece I saw of the collab, and it gave me some oomph inspiration when I was working on my piece. The color, animation and style are off the charts.
Duckbill Hunting - Shows great emotion in the animation, and the voices really get me into it.
Starfox Perventures/Pokemon Snap XXX - ....Awe-inspiring animation on the fox part, soo smooth. Snappness = hawt too.
Majesty of ROB - LOL That is so FRUSTRATING! I love the face the guy makes - AWESOME!
Campfire of the Four Swords - More smooth animation, and great coloring.
Kongcest - Eeeeew... I find myself quoting the line tho - 'THATS EVEN BETTER!'.
...Wario's Emporium... - I liked the use of the line tool, and the smooth lipsyncing and transitions.
Planet of the Kongs - Perhaps my favorite piece, because of the voice acting and animation style/expression he gave the characters.
Cook - AAAH! LOL! FRUSTRATING! Also another great piece, i love it.
Master Hand Throws a Fist - Cute. Dedede has a great set of expressions throughout the piece, I like his smile. (=
Pokemon Snap XXX cont. - Blurrs - WOOT! I LOVE the piece added at the end - 'WTFs THE PAUSE BUTTON!', cherry. (=
Fire Emblem - Grrr... Marth... I like the inturruption tho - WANNA HELP SAVE MY GIRLFRIEND?!
Revenge of Metanight cont. - More smooth animation and good expressions on the faces. I like how you used my final 'heee...yay' at the end, sooo cute!
Starfox Drama Mission - 'uh-huh...' Animation is great, awesome expression/motion on the characters.
Pokemon 5th Generation - I was wondering this myself. Funny meeting at the end. (=
Tetris - LOL - long setup, but it was worth it. I loved watching the S-guy breaking into pieces, and the 8-bit SFX added hilarity.
Final Battle - Nice animation, GREAT expressions! METAL GEAR! Jiggly's cute. The trophies are AWESOME! I wish there was a pause botton, so I could look at those- they go by too fast! Great ending.

The voice acting for every piece was great! Voices are critical for setting scenes up, and they really did a bang-up job setting the tone. (=

I created some wallpapers for this collab, uploaded them on my site: .php

I am proud to be included in this collab with some of the best animators I've seen, you guys made this turn out great. Thank you very much Tom for sponsoring us!

Go watch it!
$00pah NiN10Doh!

$00pah NiN10Doh!


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2012-12-28 14:56:35

This might be too late, but there allready an uncensored versions.


2011-03-17 06:47:44

It was good,but I wonder how it would've looked without blurs.


2011-01-01 18:01:42

this movie I dont no what to say about the part of sonic and that movie he was waching


2010-07-10 18:12:45

U HAVE 2 HAVE AN UNCENSORED VERSION OF IT! i meen really! every1 h8s censors! Quote "Censors always ruin the fun!" Red Link from 4 Swords MISadventures! seriously mon! next time, cut the censors pweez! =3


2010-03-06 17:10:17

$00pah NiN10Doh! was great. One of the best Nintendo parodies I've ever seen.

BTW the easter egg isn't that hard to find.


2010-01-07 18:16:33

You can say what u want with the uncenoring and i get the joke
but coman i have seen alot of pokemon fur
i saw a lot of fur anyway
But that one of yours is FAR OUT the best ive ever seen
And beleave me of what i have seen its like a over a 10000 pic's
you should make hentai movies of that and ask money for the films
u get it big time how mush people pay for a desent pokemon fur
1 tip if u ever going to do i think u dont but anyway the tip
Leave the males out keep it on the girls


2009-08-03 02:11:13

I have ONE question....

How did you learn how to draw body structures so spot-on?!

BTW, congrats on the collab. It was great. :D


2009-07-10 15:53:08

My top favorite from this flash is Pokemon Snap XXX! I would love to see more of it along with cum action, humping action, blowjobs and more! It's so sexy!


2009-06-11 21:54:06

$00pah Nin10Doh was $00pah AWESOME!
Nice job!


2009-06-07 13:43:39

Uncensored pokemon xxx Plz?


2009-06-03 07:25:46

The flash was awesome. My favorite part was either Kirby vs. MetaKnight or 4Sword Campfire. Just a question, does this mean that you guys are gonna continue working on Perfect Kirby 4 and Banjo Fouriee?


2009-04-25 03:35:01

Nice easter egg.


2009-04-15 21:19:22

You guys are just so good at drawing hotties. Now when's PK4 coming out?


2009-04-07 00:41:17

boobs.... that is all :]


2009-03-29 11:22:07

i hope its got more porn =D


2009-02-28 05:41:36

ok, just in case ur wondering, i'm not ur steriotypical teen perv. I found kirb via brawl taunts then it worked to here. I wanna build a career in tooning and i just wanna say you and the rest of the animators look like devine pros in my eyes. HUGE congrats on the collab. I can't even master pivot and still i want to become an animating pro some day. I don't really have the artistic tallent as you do or anyone else in the collab, but i just want some advice on how i should build my technique and future in the arts of tooning.
P.S: Is collab-ing just a hobby or does it eventually pay $$$?

Pikanjo responds:

I had virtually no animating talent when I started out in Flash. I looked at various styles of art I liked and tried to drawl like that. We all have to start somewhere, but if you enjoy drawling/animating, you'll get good.
The animation I do on NG is more of a hobby. I did it before there were prizes, and I would still be doing it even if there weren't prizes. Doing flashes, collabs, and contests here, I've only made a few thousand dollars in money and swag over the past few years-nothing to live off of. Of course if you got really good, and were able to whip out a great animation every month, Tom could possibly sponsor you, and you miiight be able to make something to live off of-nothing elaborate tho. NG is getting bigger every year.


2009-02-27 13:55:53

A great colab, very well done my friend! Any chance i could have some pictures of the sexy pokemon?

Haha, thanks


2009-02-24 22:52:47

that movie sucked


2009-02-09 15:40:33

pokemon snap XXX
was awesome man :P lol


2009-02-05 00:25:24

Woa i really liked the flash and your part (not in the pervy way) i hope you keep making that good job XD


2009-01-29 08:42:34

Seriously, they should make more Pokemon xxx stuff. I guarantee, the pervs will love it and it will be one of the best ( hentai/porn/yiff or whateva...) vids EVER!!!!



2009-01-27 19:22:07

You killed my inner pokemon child, I will never look at them the same again xD
The one who did the voices of them was very good too, a bit TOO good perhaps? >_<

I bursted out in laughing though, I mean, a scyther and... forgot the others name talking about boobs? Thats just somehow genious xD
Very nicely done, nice art too! :3
Do you have your own website or aany other page you post your art at? It would be awesome to see more!


2009-01-24 05:49:27

Your the one who did the voices for Kirby?! That is soooo awesome! And yeah, your ''ehhh yay!'' was awesome at the end! XD

Pikanjo responds:

I don't think the script even called for that line- I did a couple takes, and at the end, I just blurted that out- I thought it was pretty fitting/funny tho (=


2009-01-23 21:48:46

You are not gonna like this one bit dude..... 2320348721398173285.swf

Pikanjo responds:

wow... THANKS FOR LINKING EVERYONE WHO VISITS THIS PAGE! !!!!... I've already seen a couple edits of my work by people more pervy than I.... I guess I shoulda seen that coming. I don't care much that my stuff is distributed around, thats what the internet is FOR! ..I don't even care much that it was edited, but do people have to do such a bad job and screw up the animation?!

I'm not saying you shouldn't be a pirate, but if you are gonna be a pirate, do it right.


2009-01-23 19:39:03

You are a sick fuck, you know that? <3

Pikanjo responds:

You've been gone forever! See you in another 4 years.


2009-01-23 16:14:10

Beautiful girl :)


2009-01-21 02:57:23

I have to say I love your work, And I did exactly what your animated guy did... "*hits keyboard....Keeps hitting* WHERE'S THE PAUSE BUTTON!!??!?" ESPECIALLY on your parts... But please for the love of tits where is that easter egg!??!!? Also you DEFINITELY need to make more explicit stuff *Especially the pokemon chicks* Those are my favs ^-^.

Anyways awesome job and MAKE MORE EXPLICIT STUFF!

or don't and you will get raided by ninja's.



2009-01-19 23:18:14

way to give me blue balls, asshole!

Granted, now I have new found respect for the retards known as plusle and minun, but that's not the point!

But pokemon are whore anyway. You throw a ball at them, and they become your little slave. Kinda like those chicks on girls gone wild...


2009-01-19 20:20:48

Dude That segment was awesomely Hot! Please make more, there's only a limited amount of people who can make good nudity and you're one of them. Please don't stop making explicit videos. You could make a Pokemon hentai quiz, a real xxx hentai, but whatever you do all my 5 r belong to you!


2009-01-17 05:56:02


i am 20 years old yo so more uncensored porn next time!

but still a good flash,man

again p.s.

i put 17 to be from 1991 to be like the site!


2009-01-16 19:17:32

All i can say is wow on the pokemon art, i know that isn't the only thing you have done for newgrounds but it s the thing that makes me wonder if i am into bestiality, thanks for making me curious :D


2009-01-16 09:15:27


Pikanjo responds:

You're 17, its illegal for you to look at porn.


2009-01-14 12:17:21



2009-01-13 20:19:12

you could make an uncensored version on your own you probably do already so why don't you just uncensore it for all viewing potential (=p

Pikanjo responds:

ctrl+f => "blurriness"


2009-01-13 19:12:52

Porn, much? Anyway's, other than the story, your animation was phenomenal, and it's achieving that you just did that with a new tablet.


2009-01-13 14:04:52

Best Collab ive ever seen. i like yer work the most. it inspired me deeply, i draw a lot in my leisure time and your nice gurls brought me back into drawing female bodies - its fun ^_^
so i do have to thank you. Please keep on makin such great stuff.
Take care.


2009-01-13 07:03:02

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Pikanjo responds:

Is that a baked ham?


2009-01-12 21:25:09

Great work on both NiN10Dohs. I've been a fan of yours since Perfect Kirby came out. I loved the animation in the NiN10Dohs, and hope that PK4 isn't filled with as much Poke...awesome?

Fan for always, Ikool.


2009-01-11 10:02:03

You creep.


2009-01-11 02:28:27

Awesome work on the colab I just wanted to say. Man I've been a long-time fan, especially of the Perfect Kirby series. I probably started watching it when it came out, then I haven't really kept up with what you guys have made, other than the cameo appearances you made in Legendary Frog's stuff. Still, now that I added you to my favorite, I'm keepin' myself updated on all your new projects. So keep 'em coming! You rock!


2009-01-10 16:51:02

Thanks for the info, didn't think about the question bad. You did a great job, and improved over the last one greatly....Todd was really well animated. I was wondering who the animators were, cause I was thinking about my own characters and putting them into a flash movie or series, because I can picture alot of the action when I listen to music, and both you and David Smith are very talented. How can I contact him as well? Thanks again for your time.


2009-01-10 11:08:52



2009-01-09 16:03:23

creepy in what why? seriously i would love to know.


2009-01-09 15:43:26

the first time i saw pokemon snap XXX i was cracking up the entire time. i still do everytime i see it. but it is creepy how a bunch of peaple want you peice uncencord.

Pikanjo responds:

The blurriness is supposed to be funny... As a 'sequel' to my first piece in Nin10Doh!, pixilation is half the joke. I've been asked a LOT to GIVE people an uncensored version.. and no.


2009-01-08 18:51:43

I loved the collab...was very well done and funny. The StarFox was was awe-inspiring, both parts, and the pokemon snap was cute. Who did the animation for the Starfox bits and the Pokemon bits? I thought they were the same person, but the pokemon one was crisp, and the StarFox one was more fluid and animation like, something I strive for in my art. I would really like to know who the animators are, if you know. They say it's on the Flash movie, but I didn't see it in the credits.

Pikanjo responds:

I did the first pokemon pieces. If you read the author info, or click on the "?"s on the scene select it will tell you the author of that piece + other additional info. The Starfox bits were animated by David Smith.


2009-01-08 14:53:59

i really like your vid. i hope there will be more!!


2009-01-08 13:07:02

Know this : Thats a kickass collab right there :)
Good work on your part, and i hope you expected it to reach the "nether regions" of the internet really quick XD (rul34 sites, AGNPH)

Best part must've been yours (unexpected, (dont deny it) hot, and the d/p thing made me lol) , Planet of kong ("pwease dont hurt meeee. desu ka"), the 5th gen thing (pure lulz) or the ending thing . i cant decidelol

And to all the loltrains who want the unrated XXX things, just abuse google or AGNPH and dont pester us, k?

And beeing a furry aint bad, its beeing a furfag thats bad (the nasty type that gives furries teh fuzzy (not a pun) reputation)

Be proud, very proud.


2009-01-07 13:49:57

I've seen the animation, "$00pah NiN10Doh" it's the best one i have ever seen!

btw: is there any pause button?


2009-01-06 21:02:05

in all seriousness though. u should deffinetly start something with the awesome animation of urs. u know what im talking about ;)


2009-01-06 20:59:06