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Entry #23

Animator, Artist, Voice Actor, ...

2/19/14 by Pikanjo

What price would you expect to get paid as a good-quality Background Artist, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, or Voice Actor - recruited from the NG community (per hour/per project)? How would you factor in supplemental revenue sharing?



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Willing to voice act for cheap/free big fan and would love to help. Kinda late on this I know.

8/2/14 Pikanjo responds:

Not at all, I'm still to busy to make any decisions right now. If I do get to that point, I'll drop you a line.



will work for free



i suppose the old guard like stamper egorapter and El cid only work for commission now or have bigger fish to fry would be cool though



Not too sure about the (per hour/ per project) for the person been hired might claim hours for shoddy work, however revenue gives a better incentive;
the better your work= the more public appeal = more money

for the revenue sharing (my rough opinion, open to suggestions):
Creator/Organizer - 15%
Musician - 10%
Artist - 30% (Includes Animator, Background Artist, 3d Modelling)
Voice Actor - 5%
Programmer- 30% (Includes tester, Level Designer)
Writer- 10%

Creator/Organizer - 15%
Musician - 15%
Artists - 45%
Voice Actor - 10%
Writer- 15%

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

I think you'd have to incorporate some sort of interview process and look over a person's previous work as an indicator of what they're able to provide - auditions are also probably required (eg to get a voice just the way you want it).

I mostly agree with your line-items, but I'm more concerned in overall dollar figures, eg:
$100 per minute of animation + rev share amounting to estimated $500 life expectancy.
$50/minute + rev share life $100.

Again, no idea.



I think VA for free is better

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

I do think that people who do a good job should get paid if possible - at least by rev share if nothing else.



Doing market research? It's the same prices as outside of Newgrounds, I think. Really.

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

I also don't know what the price is outside NG. But I was hoping to get the NG member discount.

As a voice actor... nothing. I usually do work for free and so do most of the VAs here. Getting a portion of the Ad rev is standard. I have been paid from people who I've worked with a lot, but that was just because they were cool like that.

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

Good to know you.



The last animation commission I did for someone, a flat rate for the entire project was easier to establish than accounting a price per hour spent working on it. I think depending if the quality is on level, it should be about 50-100 dollars per minute of animation. Also a good chunk of revenue should go to the animators, and dividing it up depends on how many of them were involved.

On a different note, if a friend who is a good artist asks for help, I'd gladly do it if I could. As payment, he or she might help me out in the future when I need it.

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

$100/minute x 20 minutes = $2000. Well then...



hell they joy of creating something unique that brings joy to people should be its own reward at least in my opiniun

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

It should, but people do need to pay rent.



Is this you asking for people to do those? Because I would voice act for free.

2/20/14 Pikanjo responds:

It might come up.