$00pah NiN10Doh!

2009-01-03 13:43:20 by Pikanjo

$00pah NiN10Doh!

Our first deadline when everyone was assigned their parts was the end of August. I finished my piece in the end of October, and the last of us finished at the end of December... After 3 days of unsuccessful compilation of the final individual pieces, Kirbopher sent the files to
JohnnyUtah and just like that, he got it done and Kirb submitted it. (=

I hated the crap we had to go thru compiling the first collab, and after working like a madman to get my piece done, I never wanted to be part of a collab again... But Kirbopher soon had scripts written out for the sequel, and I gained interest when I read my piece 'Pokemon Snap XXX'.

My piece was originally supposed to be about 10 seconds long, and not nearly as explicit... Of course I fattened it up, and blurred it out. I originally had all the pokebabes wearing clothes/swimsuits, but I thought as a 'sequel' to my Ash v Pikachu piece in the first collab, I should add blurrs and make it 'mature quality', SO I DID! When I handed my piece back to Kirb, he said it may be too explicit to put in, but after a check with the other artists, outside opinions, and my nagging, he kept it in. (= It seems I polarized some viewers with my piece, I hope it doesn't take anything away from the other pieces. You wont see anything quite as explicit from me for a while.

I watched the finished piece last night, along with everyone else, and I loved every piece of it, and I thought I could provide my own review for the artists who put so much work into it, even if they brush off my opinion:

Menus - I thought it turned out well.. AND THERE'S A SCENE SELECT THIS TIME!
Mario Party 287 - I liked the fast pace and the smooth-'bubbly' type animation.
Excitebike Wipeout - I've never played it, but it was nice watching him eat shit.
Low Low Low - The emotion switch and animation work great - I love when he pops into Joey's piece.
Olimar Forgot - I did not expect the ending to this piece, found it pretty funny.
Revenge of Metanight - I loved seeing Kirby in my voice. (= This was the first piece I saw of the collab, and it gave me some oomph inspiration when I was working on my piece. The color, animation and style are off the charts.
Duckbill Hunting - Shows great emotion in the animation, and the voices really get me into it.
Starfox Perventures/Pokemon Snap XXX - ....Awe-inspiring animation on the fox part, soo smooth. Snappness = hawt too.
Majesty of ROB - LOL That is so FRUSTRATING! I love the face the guy makes - AWESOME!
Campfire of the Four Swords - More smooth animation, and great coloring.
Kongcest - Eeeeew... I find myself quoting the line tho - 'THATS EVEN BETTER!'.
...Wario's Emporium... - I liked the use of the line tool, and the smooth lipsyncing and transitions.
Planet of the Kongs - Perhaps my favorite piece, because of the voice acting and animation style/expression he gave the characters.
Cook - AAAH! LOL! FRUSTRATING! Also another great piece, i love it.
Master Hand Throws a Fist - Cute. Dedede has a great set of expressions throughout the piece, I like his smile. (=
Pokemon Snap XXX cont. - Blurrs - WOOT! I LOVE the piece added at the end - 'WTFs THE PAUSE BUTTON!', cherry. (=
Fire Emblem - Grrr... Marth... I like the inturruption tho - WANNA HELP SAVE MY GIRLFRIEND?!
Revenge of Metanight cont. - More smooth animation and good expressions on the faces. I like how you used my final 'heee...yay' at the end, sooo cute!
Starfox Drama Mission - 'uh-huh...' Animation is great, awesome expression/motion on the characters.
Pokemon 5th Generation - I was wondering this myself. Funny meeting at the end. (=
Tetris - LOL - long setup, but it was worth it. I loved watching the S-guy breaking into pieces, and the 8-bit SFX added hilarity.
Final Battle - Nice animation, GREAT expressions! METAL GEAR! Jiggly's cute. The trophies are AWESOME! I wish there was a pause botton, so I could look at those- they go by too fast! Great ending.

The voice acting for every piece was great! Voices are critical for setting scenes up, and they really did a bang-up job setting the tone. (=

I created some wallpapers for this collab, uploaded them on my site:
http://www.johnrichie.com/V2/downloads .php

I am proud to be included in this collab with some of the best animators I've seen, you guys made this turn out great. Thank you very much Tom for sponsoring us!

Go watch it!
$00pah NiN10Doh!

$00pah NiN10Doh!


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2009-01-03 14:01:40

One of the best collabs i have seen this month. This flash is a great way to start off 2009.

Pikanjo responds:

Thanks. (= I just hope I get something else out this year too.


2009-01-03 14:07:22

Lol I reviewed it. I thought it was awesome. My favorite parts were Tetris, Pokebabes, starfox, kirby vs. metaknight. I downloaded pretty many of your wallpapers. Are you gonna put up $00pah Nin10Doh! up for download on your site later? Anyways, loved the menu! *drools*

Pikanjo responds:

Yeh, I'll probly put it up for DL in about a month or so...


2009-01-03 14:22:07

Man your stuff looked amazing in brush format.

Also you're now a total furry. :P

Pikanjo responds:

I was tryin out my new tablet. I drawl much better on the comp now with it, so I actually have to tone it down working on PK4" so it blends in with the previous year of work >,>.
I was called a furry when the first one came out <,<... I like trying different things - I don't prefer one style over another. But I guess its like herpes- It doesn't matter if you have gonorrhea, AIDs, crabs or what, once herpes, always herpes.


2009-01-03 14:27:10

your animation makes me cum but that pokemon scene was just wrong


2009-01-03 14:37:03

I think you enjoyed making your part a little too much.
It went on for like a full minute.
It made me laugh... at first.
Then it kinda of got awkward. Wondering if there were any other parts in the collab.

Still top quality animation though!


2009-01-03 14:39:19

I really loved your part in both collabs the first one funny and littje disturbing, the second one hawt :P I cant wait until PK 4


2009-01-03 15:02:40

I've never been more disturbed by furries in my entire life.


2009-01-03 15:08:42

do u taik requztz??

i want a nude togepi plz and no blur plz maik it underage wud b cool xD


2009-01-03 15:13:11

Nice job on $00pah NiN10Doh! Thanks to you, I'm currently fighting my brain trying NOT to become a furry...

Well... Good luck with PK4


2009-01-03 15:21:08

You guys made another one.


Yeah, that's exactly what Newgrounds needs. More fucking video game parodys.

Pikanjo responds:



2009-01-03 15:40:18

Color me impressed! It's amazing how much you've improved over the years, keep up the great work man!

Also, I found myself re-watching your parts five times over... and for the record, I did not whip my dick out.

Pikanjo responds:

HERES SOMETHING I FORGOT ABOUT... There's an easter egg in my segment...
Kirb found it and yelled at me XD


2009-01-03 15:41:30

awesome haha as good as the first...i was mildly disappointed when i saw that the movie's parts weren't all based off of super nintendo games, but that's okay i guess.

Pikanjo responds:

The title is more just to indicate that its the Nin10Doh! sequel... not that the parodies are based off that system...


2009-01-03 16:11:15

First, time I saw your Pokemon Snap...Instead of thinking about the Pokemon, I was like....Did Richie change his style? Because it seemed different.


2009-01-03 16:18:26

No offence, but I didn't find the first Nin10Doh! funny outside of the F-Zero and Mega Man parts.


2009-01-03 16:25:09

If you did that Pokemon thing you have one sick mind


2009-01-03 16:26:19

I didn't yell at you for that!


Pikanjo responds:

lol whatever you did - you seemed very surprised and loud. But now we can say we have a hidden scene, despite its XXX rating. XD


2009-01-03 17:39:13

Post your part on a furry website and I'm betting you'd get popular almost instantly, ahaha.


2009-01-03 18:31:08

new low


2009-01-03 18:42:53

you will die alone


2009-01-03 18:47:13



2009-01-03 19:16:08

Woot, fucking awesome :D


2009-01-03 19:53:13

Dude, lights out nice work.

I was generally aroused, and I say that without shame.


2009-01-03 21:15:52

pokemon tits


2009-01-03 23:17:41

I found the easter egg : D


2009-01-03 23:31:17

The whole collab was awesome.

I thought your part was great. The transition from Fox to Pokemon Snap was really unexpected and caught me off guard, which is why I lol'd. I believed the second was one really unnecessary until the end. I seriously thought you were just trying to destroy my childhood until I saw the guy trying to pause it. Also scene select ftw.

Great job, I can't wait to see more work from you.


2009-01-04 00:30:56

Hey Rich, another one hit right outta the park. Congrats!

When Kirb showed me your segment from the last NiN10Doh!, I knew I couldn't possibly compete with that. & almost a year later, after Kirb showed me your segment for this movie, I literally had tears in my eyes (both from awe & from hysterical laughter). You are one gifted artist & I tip my hat to you. You're sick, but you're gifted.

Now if only I knew how to draw girls like you & not @&$% ducks all the time!

Pikanjo responds:

Thanks man-check your news.


2009-01-04 02:08:27

Ok i loved the collab the pokemon xxx part was the best lol nice!


2009-01-04 06:48:36

Man, if you check the website rule34.paheal.net and search your username, all the pictures you drew in that Pokemon scene will come up.
They want it uncensored, bad.

Pikanjo responds:

lol there they are >,> They'll hafta make their own uncensored version, or pay me $$$.


2009-01-04 07:53:20

Btw, are you gonna put some more wallpapers up? I really want that lesbian hot censored action!

Pikanjo responds:

That's all the wallpapers for this collab. If I put up a wallpaper of the easter egg, that defeats the purpose of it being hidden...


2009-01-04 10:08:10

You and your T&A lol.

Pikanjo responds:

I only hear HALF of Newgrounds complaining...


2009-01-04 10:15:39

Your Pokemans got Rule34'd >_>


2009-01-04 12:46:36

No, I meant those two pikachu things. I don't know their names... They have like a plus and a minus on their tails. Those lesbians. So if you really care about your horny fans you will put up more pokeporno up for download! OR ELSE, I will surf the Internet and find human porno... MARK MY WORD! Okay sorry for the randomness. But who doesn't have lesbian pokebabes as their desktop. It will make me unique. Unless everyone else take lesbian pokebabes as their desktop...


2009-01-04 12:55:52

Your parts where kinda redic, but the collab as a whole was alright... Not as great as the other one :]


2009-01-04 17:33:23

Richie your animation is like awesome!
I loved the Ash and Pikachu part in the first NiN10Doh!
The 3Dness was awesome!


2009-01-04 19:57:46

need... MOARRRR


I rate 5's for hot chicks



2009-01-04 20:46:30

hey guys do you no who made the kirby parts? btw in a pk why not add meta knight? kirby for the win lol. btw john you played ssb right? that's how you got your idea? well here is a tip: swallow ness you get a backwards cap it looks funny.yo Richie what was your part in n1n10doh! ? and hope your enjoying your tablet. too bad i cant even draw a stick figure lol well happy new year hope you guys enjoid the holidays. cant wait for pk4 and niether can my friend so hopefully it will be your best yet. btw is this gonna be in parts or whole and is there eventually going to be another? ok i dont want to piss you off so by for now...


2009-01-04 22:59:38

Yet another Flash I saw on YouTube(While I'm 16, too *Facepalms*)Very funny, but the Pokemon Snap XXX joke...................Yuck..........
.......That kinda killed it for me. Still good, though.


2009-01-04 23:05:21

Apparently someone tried uncensoring it and there was nothing there


2009-01-05 04:32:28

Dude, you should seriously make an uncensored version before Rule 34 screws up your awesome art (And yes, you could ask them for money or post it separately on Newgrounds or something). Your part in $00pah NiN10Doh! was amazing. Heck, the whole collab was amazing. I'm expecting a lot of awesome flashes from you this year! ;D


2009-01-05 13:05:51

I would certainly buy a copy of poke snap XXX ;) Twas an overall great parody and I think it even managed to bring its worth up a notch compared to the first one. Your part makes the loading menu and main menu shine through the parody in a much more representative way this time. I'd say your part was pretty much limit in terms of what kids could watch and still. But since most who have played all those games (except Brawl that recently came out) should be in age to appreciate your very nice and detailed work ;)

Can't wait to see how PK4 will be. Last thing I anticipated was there she is final step and that already came and went. Happy New Year to you too somewhat late!


2009-01-05 20:26:03

The more stuff thats made, you become more and more perverted. All your stuff is porno-oriented. You don't need porno make a good flash.

Pikanjo responds:

I wont have anything that graphic in the future...


2009-01-05 22:41:08

Personally, I loved the poke-girl scenes. I can't stop re-watching them. o.o I need help, right? >.>

People say you drawing all that makes you a furry, but it doesn't. l: I mean, you drew some awesome girls and just made them fuzzy. >.> They all love it just as much as the fans do.

I heard about that Easter-egg in there. I'm kind of afraid to go look for it.. for fear of what I may find. o.o

Anyways... great job! I loved it and mortified a couple of my friends, so everybody wins.

And uh.. how about a little warning next time? >.>; I'm just glad I had my headphones on there.


2009-01-06 08:31:29

The Snake and Kirby parts were the funniest, though the pokemon one was funny too, mostly because anyone who played the real game was saying "If only." during that segment of the vid.


2009-01-06 12:44:51

i freakin loved the poke xxx. great drawing, great audio, funny. two thumbs way up


2009-01-06 18:11:51

in my opinion (tho i may have not seen every collab ever made) this 1 was by far the best, and along with me and a shitload of other people, would like to see a poke snap xxx sequel even tho you said you wouldn't :P


2009-01-06 20:51:29

The collab was totally awesome, the first ten l gave to a collab since NiN10Doh!!
The truth be said, your piece dwarfed all the other animations because as we know, newgrounds' second name is pervgrounds (:P)...anyway nice job and...see you in the next collab!


2009-01-06 20:59:06



2009-01-06 21:02:05

in all seriousness though. u should deffinetly start something with the awesome animation of urs. u know what im talking about ;)


2009-01-07 13:49:57

I've seen the animation, "$00pah NiN10Doh" it's the best one i have ever seen!

btw: is there any pause button?


2009-01-08 13:07:02

Know this : Thats a kickass collab right there :)
Good work on your part, and i hope you expected it to reach the "nether regions" of the internet really quick XD (rul34 sites, AGNPH)

Best part must've been yours (unexpected, (dont deny it) hot, and the d/p thing made me lol) , Planet of kong ("pwease dont hurt meeee. desu ka"), the 5th gen thing (pure lulz) or the ending thing . i cant decidelol

And to all the loltrains who want the unrated XXX things, just abuse google or AGNPH and dont pester us, k?

And beeing a furry aint bad, its beeing a furfag thats bad (the nasty type that gives furries teh fuzzy (not a pun) reputation)

Be proud, very proud.