Hijacking TANKMEN

2012-03-21 04:43:36 by Pikanjo

So, we've completed a script and have begun working on another instalment of the TANKMEN series, digging deeper into the TANKMEN universe, totally ripping it away from JohnnyUtah. The project is planned to be a game, allowing you to immerse yourself in TANKMEN and explore their world. In all, we estimate about 10 minutes of cut-scenes between levels. Obviously this is yet another large project, and we have some choices.

We can focus on just the cut scenes, and get a movie released perhaps sometime in May. This comes with the caveat that some items will remain unexplained until the game half comes out. Or, we can work on it all at once and release it all together hopefully sometime in July.

Either way, it looks like we'll miss PicoDay this year :(

Please let us know your thoughts, we want TANKMEN fans to enjoy this submission. All suggestions are welcome.

Hijacking TANKMEN


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2012-03-21 05:59:37

tankmen tiiiiiiitssss=5stars!


2012-03-21 08:27:52

If the game is in 2D go for it. Tankmen always look better in 2D

Pikanjo responds:

You wanna test/consult for us?


2012-03-21 08:45:08

I'd say that if you're not getting it out by Pico Day anyway, you might as well go for the full game.


2012-03-21 10:21:03

Don't take this the wrong way richie but (while i do appreciate the fan service) I think you guys should try focusing on some more original properties and not "ripping away" my characters, etc.

Pikanjo responds:

Now I'm conflicted... I take it your qualms have more to do with someone else defining your characters (instead of you) than someone simply making a parody?


2012-03-21 10:42:52


C'mon Johnny! Kudos on the series, but Tankman is for Newgrounds. It's pretty much a public thing. :P

Pikanjo responds:

Nintendo is so big that I'm sure they don't care about parodies - JU/TANKMEN is much smaller, so someone else barging in and making movies definitely threatens originality... Although I think everything is up for grabs, in his shoes I could see this as a bad idea.


2012-03-21 12:00:29

Good job, Johnny.


2012-03-21 12:37:27

Awesome, I'd say go for the full game


2012-03-21 14:17:59

About f*cking time.....

Pikanjo responds:

4 years.


2012-03-21 14:51:10

As much as i hate playing devil's advocate, Mam's got a point; tributes to the site of
ng logo characters is pretty public, but on the other hand, johnny;s right too, he could be working on ideas other than continuing with preexisting material.


2012-03-21 15:26:06

lol Utah.


2012-03-21 16:15:05

What, like their Original series that's a parody on a Nintendo Franchise?

Pikanjo responds:

Srsly, at this point it's Perfect Kirby or TANKMEN. A new idea might actually blow my mind.


2012-03-21 18:17:07

John, Richie, I think Jeff and Paul (RedFeather) have a point. Leave the Tankmen to Jeff and Jonathan Wrathborne. Plus, it doesn't help that the women you draw suck.


2012-03-21 20:49:33

>Please let us know your thoughts, we want TANKMEN fans to enjoy this submission
Don't make this

Pikanjo responds:

Well that went well... Thanks tho.


2012-03-21 21:23:08

I think what JohnnyUtah might also be trying to say is that you'll find more self-development and creative freedom by coming up with your own thing instead of doing a glorified edit on somebody else's.

I'm sure if you did make it, it would be great, but it would never really be yours. Plus, I'd be ticked if someone was like "Hey, I know this is your thing, but I'm gonna do it better than you because you haven't even done it in a while anyway". This doesn't even seem like an homage to me, you openly state you're "Hijacking Tankmen".

I say don't do it, but if you DO, go for the full thing and give it the extra time. It's going to seem like trying to milk the cow if you release cutscenes that don't make sense, and then a game that makes them make sense.

Best of luck either way, though.


2012-03-21 21:24:17

Also, it's not Tankmen unless he voices it. It just isn't.


2012-03-22 01:17:15

Even if it isn't the most original thing to do, I'd still love to see a tankmen project from you guys.


2012-03-22 01:32:36

Speaking of series, any hope for a new PK?


2012-03-22 08:52:15

No richie, what Utah was saying was make your own orignal shit lol, I think that this sounds like a pretty cool idea but why not pump out a lil skit for pico day and then move on to an epic big project of your own? regardless do what you want and if you feel like this is an excellent idea persue it.


2012-03-23 00:40:50

Your last Tankmen pico day submission was pretty damn good. Of course, it totally rips Jeff's art, style and jokes, but who cares! It's done with professionalism and fashion! :3

<3 jeff


2012-09-03 17:42:59

My opinion is either you make a serious tankman sequel, or johnny does. If he doesn't then in my opinion it's free game to expand in your oen way, cause if he isn't makeing sequels someone else will. Like with halo. In my opinion it also doesn't matter if you make it or not because it's only canon if johny says it's canon. Get what i saying?
Make it. Johnny shouldn't be offended.


2012-11-29 18:49:45

this makes me very happy... just try and do it awesome... I'd feel a little sad if it lost any of its original charm...


2012-12-04 19:54:52

hope to see it soon captain and now PACK TO PORN!!!