Animator, Artist, Voice Actor, ...

2014-02-19 02:48:01 by Pikanjo

What price would you expect to get paid as a good-quality Background Artist, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, or Voice Actor - recruited from the NG community (per hour/per project)? How would you factor in supplemental revenue sharing?



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2014-02-19 06:46:35

Is this you asking for people to do those? Because I would voice act for free.

Pikanjo responds:

It might come up.


2014-02-19 08:54:46

hell they joy of creating something unique that brings joy to people should be its own reward at least in my opiniun

Pikanjo responds:

It should, but people do need to pay rent.


2014-02-19 09:57:52

The last animation commission I did for someone, a flat rate for the entire project was easier to establish than accounting a price per hour spent working on it. I think depending if the quality is on level, it should be about 50-100 dollars per minute of animation. Also a good chunk of revenue should go to the animators, and dividing it up depends on how many of them were involved.

On a different note, if a friend who is a good artist asks for help, I'd gladly do it if I could. As payment, he or she might help me out in the future when I need it.

Pikanjo responds:

$100/minute x 20 minutes = $2000. Well then...


2014-02-19 10:32:58

As a voice actor... nothing. I usually do work for free and so do most of the VAs here. Getting a portion of the Ad rev is standard. I have been paid from people who I've worked with a lot, but that was just because they were cool like that.

Pikanjo responds:

Good to know you.


2014-02-19 14:35:43

Doing market research? It's the same prices as outside of Newgrounds, I think. Really.

Pikanjo responds:

I also don't know what the price is outside NG. But I was hoping to get the NG member discount.


2014-02-19 15:49:24

I think VA for free is better

Pikanjo responds:

I do think that people who do a good job should get paid if possible - at least by rev share if nothing else.


2014-02-19 18:37:03

Not too sure about the (per hour/ per project) for the person been hired might claim hours for shoddy work, however revenue gives a better incentive;
the better your work= the more public appeal = more money

for the revenue sharing (my rough opinion, open to suggestions):
Creator/Organizer - 15%
Musician - 10%
Artist - 30% (Includes Animator, Background Artist, 3d Modelling)
Voice Actor - 5%
Programmer- 30% (Includes tester, Level Designer)
Writer- 10%

Creator/Organizer - 15%
Musician - 15%
Artists - 45%
Voice Actor - 10%
Writer- 15%

Pikanjo responds:

I think you'd have to incorporate some sort of interview process and look over a person's previous work as an indicator of what they're able to provide - auditions are also probably required (eg to get a voice just the way you want it).

I mostly agree with your line-items, but I'm more concerned in overall dollar figures, eg:
$100 per minute of animation + rev share amounting to estimated $500 life expectancy.
$50/minute + rev share life $100.

Again, no idea.


2014-02-20 16:35:18

i suppose the old guard like stamper egorapter and El cid only work for commission now or have bigger fish to fry would be cool though


2014-02-27 15:59:21

will work for free


2014-08-01 00:26:59

Willing to voice act for cheap/free big fan and would love to help. Kinda late on this I know.

Pikanjo responds:

Not at all, I'm still to busy to make any decisions right now. If I do get to that point, I'll drop you a line.


2015-03-10 02:30:49

Just wanted you to know I'm still interested.

Pikanjo responds:



2015-04-27 18:27:12

Someone pointed you out this past weekend, I don't even remember if we even shook hands... must've been a great party, I'm still dizzy! Glad you could make it out this way to rub elbows with plebs like me ;)

Pikanjo responds:

I typically just used my real name when meeting people, and when Pikanjo came up, only a few people knew of my stuff. I met like 100 people, so it's likely we did shake hands.
See you at the 25th.


2015-05-06 22:34:35

I would love to VA for your project. :D love your work, will do it for free.