Midnight Snakawroo

2015-06-08 00:26:00 by Pikanjo

I just found out about this:





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2015-06-08 15:05:50

While that kid created a fantastic re-enactment, I still prefer your original video. Was a bit easier to follow. Haha. But still, that kid put in a lot of hard work into making that video with what he had and that's really impressive. I would not have been able to create anything even remotely similar at such a young age.


2015-06-10 11:20:56

That's freaking adorable.


2015-06-14 15:37:18

You see? This is why you should keep making Perfect Kirby, it is the best web series EVER


2017-01-25 21:51:14

wow, talk about a blast from the past!

i used to watch all of your perfect kirby cartoons non-stop in 2004-05, and i still watch them sometimes...

you have created a great cartoon, and i always look at it fondly, for it is funny, clever and it reminds me of the golden years of flash animations....

with that being said, its AWESOME to see those kids reenacting your movie perfectly, step-to-step... this is such a great tribute!

and this happened 6 years after the movie was originally posted (the movie was posted in 2005, and the tribute was created in 2011), which now makes it... 12 years since the movie was created, and 6 years since the tribute was created, which makes me feel sad and nostalgic...

but yeah, its great to see kids/ young people in general supporting your work and making their own tributes/fan-made vids about it...

thanks for the post, you've made my day!

i hope that one day you will make some ''perfect kirby'' episodes, for the old times sake :)
remain awesome, bros!