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Pikanjo's News

Posted by Pikanjo - April 2nd, 2017

Rad!minton Sticker Pack available in App Store
You need an iPhone with iOS 10+ in order to download and use in messages.Radminton


Posted by Pikanjo - June 8th, 2015

Posted by Pikanjo - February 19th, 2014

What price would you expect to get paid as a good-quality Background Artist, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, or Voice Actor - recruited from the NG community (per hour/per project)? How would you factor in supplemental revenue sharing?


Posted by Pikanjo - March 21st, 2012

So, we've completed a script and have begun working on another instalment of the TANKMEN series, digging deeper into the TANKMEN universe, totally ripping it away from JohnnyUtah. The project is planned to be a game, allowing you to immerse yourself in TANKMEN and explore their world. In all, we estimate about 10 minutes of cut-scenes between levels. Obviously this is yet another large project, and we have some choices.

We can focus on just the cut scenes, and get a movie released perhaps sometime in May. This comes with the caveat that some items will remain unexplained until the game half comes out. Or, we can work on it all at once and release it all together hopefully sometime in July.

Either way, it looks like we'll miss PicoDay this year :(

Please let us know your thoughts, we want TANKMEN fans to enjoy this submission. All suggestions are welcome.

Hijacking TANKMEN

Posted by Pikanjo - January 15th, 2012

We got some plans for Pico Day...

Pico Day 2012

Posted by Pikanjo - August 27th, 2011

This happened over a week ago, but Bob's Busy Boxing Business is out. The biggest complaint is not knowing how to play... If you haven't reached the Mystery Box levels, I encourage you to try again cause that's when the real tetris begins.

I left PA and am now back to school in CO. The summer was great and I'm hoping to at least visit NG again next year if only to ride in the raft-off, run by Bob (Tom) and Tim.
I've talked to a few artists/animators about making a game, but they've all ended up busy again. So, for the next 4 months (then maybe more), I plan to work primarily on electrical projects outside of school, rather than programming/animation/art.

I designed two fonts used in my last two games: Newgrounds Russian and TANKMEN Title. Use them as you wish.
Happy Birthday.

Game Out & Summer Over

Posted by Pikanjo - August 13th, 2011

Hello Internet friends.
It's John. The seldom heard lazy helper.
I'm posting because I am trying my hand at music for Newgrounds. I've posted a few music loops in the audio portal. I don't expect much from them, just trying out a few things.

Making music really came out of helping Richie with sound effects for his game. I wound up doing some jingle effects that got me trying out unconventional ways of making musical sounds. The ones uploaded are not song length. I may try to do longer stuff but I think of simple background loops or :credit roll: music when making music intended for flash.

I'll have more, 'better' stuff when I get some computer problems fixed.
Anyways, let me know what you think.
Pint and Joe

P.S. Since I'm asking my Internet Friends for help, I'm trying to find out what song this is: Chikorah.
It's me recording myself doing the refrain from a 'techno' song I heard on the radio 3 years back. Since audio tags don't exist, at least to me, maybe someone out there can tell me. Thanks.

Posted by Pikanjo - July 26th, 2011

The game I worked on for the past year is out: HEIST. My chosen title has been taken, so I had fun with it.
In the Venn Diagram of gamers who enjoy 3rd person shooters and those who enjoy hard puzzles, I may have found the perfect combination that makes the set disjoint. I've received feedback with many pointers as to where I went wrong with my game - the main complaints being the clunky controls and difficulty level (would a walkthrough be worth it?). I appreciate the criticisms and thanks to those who reported bugs.

I learned a lot creating this game, but some improvements were set aside in the interest of moving onto something fresh - continually upgrading is a great way to make a project last forever. I am now looking to form a team for my next project. Doing all the components myself has proven to be much too time consuming. Some potential spots are: Artist, Animator, Musician/Sound Tech, Gamer. I have been actively searching out people, but the spots are by no means filled. If you're interested, have example work, and can commit to a large project, please contact me.

In the meantime, I've been working on a small game to be out in a few weeks.

I searched the NG Audio portal for all the songs I used in my game. I found a lot of good ones [CHECK THE CREDITS!] but had only so many spots. Some other fun songs I found:
Doumaaa - Russian Sunrise
The Merely Human - Russian Roulette
Citrina - Ya voz'mu sam - Metal
FKProductions - Face - Konflikt Mix
Lacrioso - U.S.S.R Goodness
DarthWeather - RA3 Theme: Soviet March
DamonRayne337 - Kaisar Soze Nuclear War

I'm at the pizza hut.

New Game, Reflection, Recruiting

Posted by Pikanjo - May 23rd, 2011

Last few weeks of finals were filled with a lot of coding, even more writing and little sleep. With the semester over, I can focus and finish the game I started almost a year ago. I'm leaving for PA tomorrow and should get there by Friday. My goal is to get the game out in June, and have a new game decided on by July to be completed before school begins again.
To help make the next game, I have 2 possible artists lined up *dwindled down from 4* and a long-shot 3rd. If for some reason they bail on me too (few people actually commit) I may look for others, but if all else fails (and it usually does :/) I'll be doing the art again myself - in which case I already know what game I'm going to make.

Game to Finish

Posted by Pikanjo - April 15th, 2011

April 15th is now a day which shall forever now be known as Bakos Day. I made a cake yesterday / last night / this morning and we had a short celebration of my teacher's birthday at the beginning of class.

I'm not one to normally give a crap for birthdays - celebrating the precise number of rotations of the earth about the sun since your birth is meaningless - but I had fun making this nerd cake, and now I know how old my teacher is.

To GET the cake joke: My teacher was noting that you should try as many languages as possible - maybe not become an expert in all of them, but try them out with more than a Hello World program to see how the languages handle things differently. He expanded by saying you should be a slutty programmer - sleep with as many languages as you can. A lot of jokes were made - getting a virus, using protection, ...

Can you guess the 4 languages represented on this cake? (You'd be surprised how few languages have logos that AREN'T their names)


Happy Birthday Nerds